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We are an independent wealth consulting firm fully focused on providing experienced counsel and wealth management to individuals and their families.

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Legacy Built On Values

Our commitment to your wealth journey includes listening intently, placing your interests first, and crafting a multigenerational wealth plan that represents your family’s priorities. We aim to be your guide, helping you create a legacy built on your values.

A Holistic Approach to Building Generational Wealth

We Care About You, Your Wealth and Your Wellbeing

True wealth extends beyond monetary gains. We integrate the mental and emotional aspects of creating financial wealth, fostering a holistic approach to success. Our compassionate and informative guidance aims to free you from financial insecurity, ensuring that your well-being is at the heart of every decision made on your journey toward financial freedom.

vanessa’s story

15 Years Of Experience in the Wealth Management Industry

Vanessa Martinez, a seasoned expert with 15 years of experience in the wealth management industry, had long sensed a crucial missing link: values. She realized that to attain holistic success, one must connect with their “why,” so she made it her mission to help others achieve this connection. By guiding clients to align their financial goals with their core values, Vanessa has transformed countless journeys toward prosperity, imbuing them with a more profound sense of fulfillment and purpose.

Wealthify Models

Diversify, Invest & Grow With Our Value-Based Models

Assertive Wealth

An equity concentrated model that focuses on long-term growth of capital. Fixed income and alternative investments may also be included in this portfolio.

Pivotal Wealth

A balanced model consisting of equities and fixed income with an investment objective of growth and income. Alternative investments may also be included in this portfolio.

Dividend Wealth

A multi-asset approach to income utilizing a blend of dividend-paying equities and fixed-income securities. Current income is the primary objective of this portfolio, with conservative growth secondary.

Reserved Wealth

A portfolio concentrated in fixed-income securities with a modest equity allocation. Preservation of principal and current income are the investment objectives of this model.

Gain The Confidence to Take Control of Your Financial Future

Why Work With Us

We Genuinely Care About You and Your Family

Our family-oriented approach ensures that we consider the unique needs of each family member while crafting wealth management strategies. By emphasizing the importance of passing wealth to the next generation, we help families secure their children’s financial legacy.

Get Expert Guidance and Support

We provide ongoing support, ensuring you feel confident and informed throughout your wealth management journey. By working closely with you, we continuously adapt and refine our strategies to best suit your evolving aspirations.

Leave Financial Insecurity Behind

                                              We ensure that you feel at ease regardless of your financial background or level of expertise. Let go of intimidation and embrace the empowering support of our dedicated advisors, who speak your language and prioritize your unique needs.

We have found that having a generational wealth plan allows families to enjoy life with less financial stress.

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